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15 Amazing Tequila Cocktails That Aren't Margaritas: Your old favorite tequila drink has some delicious competition.
"Sara Sunrise" - Tequila Cocktail Recipe - culicurious
T-52 Shooter drink recipe featuring Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur.
The Tequila and Tonic blends white tequila with tonic and fresh-squeezed lime. It's
Find more two-ingredient cocktails here.
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe - tequila and mezcal drinks – Don't Monday My Sunday
Tequila Sunrise cocktail with orange, cherries and an umbrella
Photo by Lesley Balla
Cabrito blanco tequila is accompanied by the "deadly" combination of Mexi Coke and Pop Rocks, making for a bubbly concoction. Don't worry, we have a feeling ...
The Corona Sunrise Tequila and Beer Cocktail
Get ready, because this ain't your mamma's margarita. Flexible, smooth, and with a hint of bite, I love every one of these 30+ Patron Recipes.
The timeless classic margarita recipe is incredibly simple, and it tastes wonderful. It's a
Tequila, Beet and Orange Cocktail
Three glasses filled with the tequila sunrise cocktail
Gourmesso Coffee Tequila Cocktail
Paloma Tequila Cocktail
This tequila based Tequila, Beet, and Orange cocktail is a spring drink you need
Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Drink Recipe
Jackie Fu Spoon University Recipe
Orange Mint Tequila Cocktail {Mind Over Batter}
Dia de los Muertos cocktails can be a bit tricky. Similarities to the Halloween we know and love are clear, but it's so much more.
6 Sangria Tequila Cocktails You Don't Want to Miss
Five Tequila Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo
A classic tequila sunrise is kicked up with the addition of mango. If you can
DharMag January 2016 Top cocktail recipes: Tequila Sunrise
Funny Tequila Shirt Drink Cocktail Tequila with Lime & Salt
Tequila Cocktail Strawberry Basil drink ready to sip.
3 Festive Ways to Drink Tequila (That Aren't Margaritas)
Oh, tequila, tequila. You remind us of the fun times and the...um...sometimes terribly hungover times. Either way, a great cocktail wouldn't be delicious ...
IBA official cocktail · Tequila Sunrise glass.jpg
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Tequila Sour
pineapple cocktail infused with cilantro and serrano
The Hairy Lobster's Man of Leisure The Hairy Lobster
Refreshing Tequila Lime Mojitarita Cocktails
5 Simple, Tequila-Only Cocktail Recipes
Michelada | © T.TSeng/Flickr
Fump Verde
The Grown-Up Way To Drink Tequila
best tequila cocktail recipes
Tequila / Mezcal Old Fashioned - Photo: Clandestino
So grab a bottle of your tequila of choice and bring out your inner mixologist. National Tequila Day won't celebrate itself!
This cocktail is beloved for a reason: it's totally delicious. But the Margarita is just the beginning of the amazing tequila ...
This tequila based Raspberry Lime Tequila cocktail is a spring drink you need to make right
... least one good bottle of tequila, and there are quite a few tequila cocktails you can make that won't end up on any unacceptable drinks after 30 list.
5 Cinco de Mayo Drinks That Aren't Margaritas — But They'll Sure Put That Bottle Of Tequila To Good Use
I don't normally give cheesy names to cocktails, but gosh is it fun. I learned to make drinks during a time when they were given sexy or mysterious names to ...
Photo of Tequila Sunrise Cocktail by Allrecipes
13 Delectable Tequila Cocktail Recipes to Celebrate National Tequila Day | Brit + Co
How to drink tequila and actually enjoy it, according to top bartenders
You won't believe how easy it is to make a Frozen Tequila Sunrise,
The Kicking Bull (Kahlua and Tequila Cocktail)
Beat It
Many people will throw down Jaeger shots or chug Long Island Iced Tea when they first learn they have the ability to get drunk fast.
Silver-Tequila Martini
A jalapeño margarita with homemade jalapeño infused tequila! These margaritas aren't like the
Marialada cocktail with Exotico Reposado Tequila | drinkingwithchickens.com
Straight on shot of a glass filled with Sour Apple Tequila Cocktail (The Lucky Shamrock ...
About The Tequila Sunrise Cocktail. Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise cocktail ingredients, top cocktail recipes with tequila
The origins of cocktail culture don't exactly trace back to our fair and young state — but we can lay claim to one classic: the Tequila Sunrise.
Golden Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Magical Color Changing Cocktail - A Color changing Margarita that reminds you of the sunset!
Tequila Refresca
5 Reasons To Drink More Tequila
Cranberry Tequila Sour
T-52 Shooter drink recipe featuring Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur.
Tequila, Aperol & Elderflower Cocktail
You know, if you're worried about calories when drinking tequila, then you
Tequila Sunrise
Tinted by Aperol and sweetened with falernum, the equal-parts Spicy Dead Lady couldn
A Refreshing Tequila Shandy Beer Cocktail Mexican Beer Hard Lemonade | www.artfuldishes.com
Don't miss Cadillac Bar's tequila-fueled Viva El Tequila Festival this Friday.
closeup of Rosé Tequila Summertime Cocktail
Following the massive success of Lime-A-Rita, a new crop of Big Beer " cocktails"—from the tequila-flavored Desperados to Bud Light's new MIXXTAILS—is hoping ...
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Tequila Sunset
But, at least try some cocktails made with tequila, gin, Pisco and even Cynar. Want to satisfy your inner Warheads lover? Here are 9 great sour cocktails to ...
... way of looking down on all other spirits that aren't brown, especially tequila. They see it as unsophisticated, and view low-calorie tequila as a drink ...
... ingredients that you wouldn't normally put together and turns them into something fabulous. Case in point: this cocktail! It combines tequila with white ...
Read our blog post: 5 Ways to Drink Tequila You Haven't Tried Yet, with Casamigos Tequila
A cocktail with a lime wedge garnish and salt rim.